Optimize the time

and costs of your cloud bill.

Do you know you can

save up to 50%?

If your organization has recently migrated to

the cloud or has been operating in it for a while,

chances are you've run into cloud cost tracking

and IT asset management challenges.

How can you manage your cloud costs?

The answer is easy, CLOUD COST MANAGEMENT!

The best practices described above gives you the aspects to be cost-effective, each aspect requires iteration

and constant optimization. From Teracloud we strongly suggest our clients make cost-management a part

of their development process with month/quarterly reviews.

Cost-effectiveness its a moving target and It requires constant adjustment and optimization.



The Best way to Predict the Future is to Simulate it,

Stop Overspending on cloud resources.

For this you can:

Expenditure Awareness

Cost-Effective Resources

Matching supply and demand

Optimizing Over Time

Enabling s3 bucket keys reduces calls

(and costs) to kms by 99%

Resize ec2 with cost explorer

Buy Reserved Instances and use Spot Instances

Create alarms to notify you if costs exceed a certain limit, to be able to start researching before the billing arrives

We always emphasize in Teracloud the value of our clients; for us as a service provider

of AWS, the client is the fundamental piece, which is why we build the necessary

components to meet their business objectives.


Save time and manage complex AWS pricing strategies more

easily than ever with Teracloud and the Cloud.


So, keep your cloud spend in check up trends with us and make smart purchases of

cloud capacity. It helps you make better decisions for the  AWS Cloud hosting cost of your cloud based

on the amount of data you actually need and use.

Transform the operation of your organization in the cloud with Teracloud and

manage everything with ease. More than 10 customers around the world trust

us to lower their cloud costs.


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